Scatacook Cub Scout Hike 2003

Scatacook District

Cub Scout Activities

Polar Bear Swim 2004

Cub Scout Activities Chair

Keith Watson  email

Vice Chair for Program

Doug Dorsey  email

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Venturing Links

Program and Activities

Community Service


Upcoming Events


Cub Leader Specific Training

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Interesting & Useful Links
Tiger Cub Go See It Guide (DOC) and Here (PDF)

Thank you Keith V

Pack's First Three Months  How to Get a Pack Started (Official)
The Ceremony Table Cub Scout Ceremonies
Cub Ceremonies From MacScouter
Cub Ceremonies From Pack 339
Codes of Conduct - For Dens  A Collection of Codes of Conduct from the Web
Cub Space Activities From NASA
Cub Leaders Handbook Pack 215, Walnut Creek, CA - Lots of Resources
Day Trips  Courtesy of Pack 428, Branford, CT

Den Leaders Quick Start Manual here (3 MB PDF) and here (2 MB DOC)

For LDS and All Den Leaders (Version 12-8 - Nov 2005)
Derby Talk Forum on All Things Pinewood Derby From US Scouting Service Project
Cub Roundtable . com Another interesting resource
Cub Roundtable From Bill Smith - Lots of links and resources
History of Cub Scouting  Another interesting resource
History of Cub Scouting  One more interesting resource
Parent's Manual New from BSA
ABC Pinewood Derby Pinewood derby information for beginners & experts.
Professor Beaver Cub Resources from USSSP
Program Ideas From Greater New York Council
Pow Wow On Line CubBobwhite
Pack 93 Leader Resources  Another interesting resource
Scouting the Net Cub Roundtable Resources
Stamford, CT Cub Packs  Lots of resources here
Ultimate Pinewood Derby Site Great Resource
Youth Protection Training On Line from BSA
Webelos-Scout Transition Program For Troops & Packs
Wolf Conservation Center Flyer & Web Site  Great Resource in South Salem, New York


Blue and Gold Rope


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