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Revised by Council 08/2003 and by Scatacook District 11/2003


Each Parent and Guardian of an Eagle Scout Candidate is strongly encouraged to read the District Guidelines on Parental Involvement with the Eagle Candidates.


1.         The Life to Eagle packet is sent to each new Life Scout from Connecticut Yankee Council (CYC) office. The packet includes an Eagle Scout Rank Application, CYC Eagle Application Instructions, and the Eagle Scout Leadership Project Workbook. If the Scout does not receive the packet within 45 days of receiving his Life Rank, he should notify his Troop leadership and they will obtain the packet from the Scatacook District Advancement Chairman, Mr. Robert O'Neil, or the CYC Registrar.


2.         Upon obtaining the packet, the Scout should thoroughly read it and then arrange to meet with his Troop Eagle Scout coordinator. If he does not have an assigned coordinator, he should contact his Scoutmaster, and determine who in the Troop will act as his Eagle Advisor. The purpose of this meeting between the Scout and his Eagle advisor is to review what the Scout needs to do to fulfill Eagle Scout requirements (i.e. merit badges needed and the required position of leadership since attaining the Life Rank). The Scout should also discuss his ideas on a Project with the Eagle Advisor. During subsequent meetings, the Scout will eventually select his Project.


3.         During the process of selecting a Project, the Scout must meet with the Project beneficiary, and agree upon the parameters of the proposed Project. Signatures from the beneficiary will not be requested yet.


4.         Once full agreement on the Project is reached with the beneficiary and with the Eagle advisor, the Scout will prepare his Eagle project proposal, following the guidelines in the Eagle Scout Leadership Project Workbook. The proposal MUST include:



Beneficiaryís name and address


Specific, identifiable,  and measurable goal(s) of the Project


Materials and supplies required to complete the Project


Source(s) of funding for the materials and supplies


How will the funding by obtained


Identify permits that will be required (type and from whom)


Plans and drawings of the Project, particularly for constructed items (as applicable)


Dimensions of the area where Project work will take place (as applicable)


Total estimate hours and sources of manpower to be utilized


Detailed discussion of safety and health issues


Before photographs (as applicable)


5.         The Scout should provide the beneficiary with the final proposal for signature, to assure complete understanding of the Project, and full agreement of what will be accomplished by the Project. If possible, the beneficiary should provide a separate letter, statement agreement to the specific Project.


6.         Following his troopís procedure, the Scout should obtain signatures in the Eagle Scout Leadership Project Workbook from: the project beneficiary, his Scoutmaster, and his Troop Committee Chairperson.


7.         Following the Scatacook District procedure, the Scout should arrange to submit his signed proposal to the District Advancement Chairman.


8.         Once the Scatacook District Advancement Chairman has approved the project proposal, and signed the Workbook, only then may the Scout begin work on the Project.


9.         It is important to note that the project and ALL other requirements for the Eagle Rank must be completed before the Scoutís eighteenth birthday.


10.       While working on his Project, it is strongly recommended that the Scout maintain a detailed, daily log. The log would include information as to who worked on the project (by name, date, and number of hours), what work was accomplished, what materials and funds were collected and expended. This log will assist the Scout in writing the final Project report, but the log itself will not normally be included in the Project report.


11.       Upon completion of the Project, the Scout must write a detailed report, clearly stating in the report how he demonstrated leadership during the planning and execution of the project. The report should include at least the following items:



Signatures of completion in the Eagle Scout Leadership Project Workbook.


List of workers, by name, and a schedule of dates and times that each person worked. Time should be broken down by each volunteer, as required in the workbook. This listing must include the Scout himself, as well as his family, to the extent they helped the Scout.


Since no Project ever is completed without some problems, the report should explain the problems and issues encountered and how they were resolved


All changes made from the initial proposal (it is important to point out that any changes that are significant must be reported to the Eagle Scout Advisor and the Scatacook District Advancement Chairman when they are encountered, along with a recommended course of action)


A detailed explanation of how the Scout directed others to accomplish the successful completion of the project


ďAfterĒ photographs or other, similar, documentation (as applicable)


A letter from the beneficiary stating satisfactory completion of the project.


No signature date may be later than the Scoutís 18th birthday


12.       The Scout should obtain permission from any person he lists in his Eagle Scout Rank Application as a reference.

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13.       Requirement 6 of the Eagle Scout Rank Application must be written, detailing:



Life purpose


Membership/positions held in school, church, community organizations


Achievements in Scouting, such as the Order of the Arrow, leadership positions, high adventure trips, etc.


Future ambitions


14.       Upon completion of all merit badges, required leadership position and time, Requirement 6, and the Project report, the Scout  should meet with his Unit Advancement Chair to verify the advancement record of the candidate, verifying 100% of the dates. The Unit Advancement Chair should order the Scoutís ďtranscriptĒ, or advancement record, from the Council Service Center and verify that the Scoutís and Troopís advancement records match the Councilís records. Any discrepancies among the records must be resolved before the Eagle Scout Rank Application can be submitted.


15.       The Scout should then schedule a Scoutmasterís Conference and obtain signature on his Application from his Scoutmaster and then his Troop Committee Chairperson. It is important to point out that no person may substitute for either the Scoutmaster of the Chairperson. It is also important that all signatures must be obtained in order (the date of the Chairpersonís signature may not be earlier than the date of the Scoutmasterís signature).


16.       The Scout will arrange to submit all of his final materials to the Scatacook District Advancement Chair, who will review all written materials. If approved, the Chair will forward the Application to the Council Registrar to verify all dates and entries, focusing on correct dates for merit badges, boards of review, and leadership. After the Application is verified by the Registrar, it is returned to the District Advancement Chair, who will then schedule a Board of Review for the Candidate. The Chair will contact the Candidate with specific instructions pertaining to the Board. The Candidate will contact his Scoutmaster and Eagle Scout Advisor and confirm their availability to attend the Board.


17.       The Eagle Candidate will appear before the Board of Review in full (Class A) uniform. The uniform will be neat and clean, reflecting the Candidate's pride in himself. The Candidate will normally wear his merit badge sash (correctly placed over the right shoulder). The Candidate will not wear an Order of the Arrow sash, since the Board of Review is not an OA function.


18.       Although the Scoutmaster (or Assistant) may not serve as a member of the Board of Review, the Scoutmaster (or Assistant) may be present for the purpose of introducing the Candidate to the Board. Parents or guardians of the Candidate may not be present in the room during the Board of Review. Should a parent or guardian also be the Candidateís Scoutmaster, a non-related Assistant Scoutmaster may introduce the Candidate to the Board.


19.       The District Advancement Chair, or person designated by the Chair, will serve as the Chair of the Board of Review, and will determine the composition of the Board. The Board will normally consist of the Chair, two or three members from throughout the District, and one member from the Scoutís own Troop, normally the Scoutís Eagle Advisor or the Troop Advancement Chair.


18.       After completion of the Board, which typically lasts 30-45 minutes, the Board dismisses the Candidate and votes to approve or disapprove the Candidate. The Board decision must be by unanimous vote, by all sitting members. In the event of disapproval, the Scout will be informed of the appeal process by the Chair of the Board. If the Candidate is approved, the members of the Board will sign the Eagle Scout Rank Application and will complete and sign a Rank Advancement Report. The Board Chair will submit both the Application and Report to the Council Registrar. All other materials will be returned to the Eagle Candidate.


19.       The Council Registrar arranges for final approvals of the Application and the signature by the Scout Executive. The Registrar then enters the Application into the BSA computer network for processing by BSA National Headquarters. When the Application is approved, the Registrar will notify the District Advancement Chair, who will in turn notify the Troop. The Troop may expect the reply to take approximately four weeks. If the Troop does not receive a reply within six weeks, the Scoutmaster or Troop Advancement Chair should request that the District Advancement Chair follow-up.


20.       No Eagle Scout Court of Honor should be scheduled until approval is received from BSA National Headquarters.


21.       Once approval is received, the Troop may schedule an Eagle Scout Court of Honor, and may pick up the Eagle Scout Certificate and badge from the Council Store. 


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