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This page last updated on October 04, 2009

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Over time, we've collected a great deal of clip art, page dividers and lines, and backgrounds, suitable for scouting web sites. Follow these links to view the collection. We do not own any of these images. Use them as you deem appropriate, subject to our Disclosures. Please do NOT link to the images on these pages; rather, download them to your own web site (right click on an image to "save as" or download).


Assorted Clip Art Images

Some Scouting Images on this Site

Asst Images - Flags & Eagles Some Flag & Eagle Images on this Site
Assorted Lines & Dividers Some Lines & Page Dividers on this Site
Assorted Scouting Backgrounds Some Scouting Backgrounds on this Site
Asst B-grounds - Flags & Eagles Some Flag & Eagle Backgrounds on this Site
Merit Badge Images From USSSP
Merit Badge Images MeritBadge.org
Merit Badge Images Another source for merit badge images
Patrol Emblems 80 color emblems - USSSP
Patrol Emblems From Gilwell.com
Eagle Scout Badges Great images
Eagle Scout Badges More images
Patriotic Clip Art Patriotism Awards Site
ROTATING Scout Clip-art Troop 39
Position Patches  New And Other Stuff
Scout Clip-art BSATroops.org
Scout Clip-art UK Scouting (ScoutBase)
Order of the Arrow Clip-art Lodge 293
Garfield Images Pack 28
Cub Scout Belt Loop Graphics Pack 28
Scout Clip-art Hiawatha Council - in "zipped" files
Scout Clip-art Insane Scouter
Cub Clip-art  New Pack 88
Cub Clip-art Macscouter
Clip-art Bars and Dividers Pack 157
Cub Clip-art - Badges Scorpion Patrol
Cub Clip-art - Rank Steve's Clip Art
Scout Clip-art Links Official BSA Trademark Artwork
Scout Clip-art Troop 149
Scout Clip-art US Scouting Service Project
Scout Clip-art Crew 369
Scout Clip-art Quivera Council
Scout Logos International Logos
Scout Ranks Good quality
FG-A Clipart Some Buttons Provided Courtesy of
Spoof Patches From Streamwood, Inc
Spoof Patches Spoof Knots
Spoof Patches Lots of Spoof OA Flaps
Spoof Patches Spoof Trained Patches
Spoof Patches Spoof Trained Patches, Interpreter Strips, & Wood Badge "knots"


EOS Clip Art
Andy's Free Buttons
Leo's Icon Archive
Cool Text
Flaming Text
AAA Buttons
AAA Backgrounds
AAA Clip Art
FG-A Clipart
Background Paradise
Big Eye

Blue Rope Bar

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